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Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

By Leigh Williams
The holidays are just about here and with that comes lots of food, some added stress, and busy schedules. Take care of yourself and stay healthy this holiday season with these tips! 
Get extra sleep. Sure, we always feel better when we get some extra shut eye, but did you know that lack of sleep can make you crave junk food? This is also when our body rests & recharges, so make sure to prioritize 7-9 hours each night for clearer thinking and a better mood, too! 
Get some movement in everyday. It doesn’t have to be a run if you hate running! Do what you enjoy. This could be taking your dog for a walk, doing some relaxing yoga, or a home workout with dumbbells.
Make time for yourself. Holidays are usually spent with family and/or friends, and even if you aren’t able to see your loved ones this season, don’t forget to make time for self-care to help reduce stress levels – which is especially important this year.
Eat some extra veggies. For me, the holidays are usually filled with fun holiday dishes like casseroles, pasta, and fried foods. But I know I usually feel sluggish after eating these types of foods, so this year I am planning to focus each meal around veggies at every meal! Not only will these veggies help me feel good, but they are packed with micronutrients our bodies need for energy, immunity and more!
It’s easy to forget the reason for the season, and let the stresses affect us. Take care of yourself and your loved ones so you can stay healthy this holiday season!