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It is a rarity for many local makers, artisans, and other small businesses to be able to find a permanent space to call home. Excessive square footage, high rent costs, and long-term lease commitments have traditionally kept these types of tenants away from setting up shop within a traditional shopping mall setting; as such, the only way many local vendors sell their wares is at temporary events, like pop-up fairs or weekend farmers markets.

At Centennial property Mainplace Mall in Santa Ana, CA, Open Market OC defies the norm by offering a completely unique shopping experience, featuring over 200 of the area’s best local makers, curators, and small businesses all under one roof. Located on the second level within a mall’s space that once was home to Nordstrom, the innovative marketplace provides a permanent spot to set up shop and call home for vendors selling everything from handmade art to vintage fashion, beauty products, prepacked food items, and more. In addition, unlike pop-up fairs and markets, Open Market OC provides an opportunity for shoppers to support their local community on a regular basis, as the space is open daily, year-round. For added convenience, purchases made from multiple vendors within Open Market OC can all be made in a single transaction through a centralized point-of-sales system. The experience is further enhanced by several local makers who offer hands-on workshops and live demonstrations alongside their goods for sale.

Open Market OC has been so well received by small business owners and shoppers alike, that they’ve expanded within the Centennial portfolio, opening another location at Huntington Beach’s Pacific City earlier this year.

Concepts like Open Market OC are the future of small business retail! Centennial loves to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs, makers, and vendors looking for affordable and innovative brick-and-mortar options. Reach out to your Local Leasing and Business Development Representative to chat more about bringing a similar marketplace concept to life within your own community!