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Snag these Deals on Black Friday

By Andrea Spanik
As Black Friday quickly approaches, we know all you savvy shoppers are getting ready to score the best deals, and really, we don’t blame you. 
Between 2020, gift-giving and the general holiday season, any chance you have to save some cash, take it. 
And so, with that in mind, here are the top five items you should look out for on Black Friday. 
1) Grab a new TV. 
When you think of Black Friday, there’s a good chance an image of a big screen TV comes to mind. 
There’s a reason for this. 
Historically, TVs are one of the highest discounted items available on Black Friday. 
If you’ve been eyeing a new TV, or you’re hoping to make someone’s Christmas with a brand new TV, Black Friday is definitely the time to keep your eyes on the prize. 
2) Don’t forget to check out laptops. 
In a similar vein, we also highly recommend checking out the laptops while you’re shopping for your TV. 
Not only do laptops also generally receive large discounts, they also make a great gift for the student in your life. 
While a laptop can certainly be a big gift, it’s a gift that will keep on giving, especially for someone in school or in business - or heck, anyone in 2020 for that matter. We're doing everything virtually now anyway! 
No argument here: A laptop is a gift that will always be appreciated.
3) Check out the toy section 
If you have toys to buy for the kids in your life, you’ll want to shop on Black Friday. 
Not only is this the prime time to scoop up toys, this is also the best time to get all the must-have items. Because, trust us, with Black Friday madness about to begin, there’s a good chance all those must-have toys will be flying off the shelves in no time. 
Save money on toys while you still can. 
4) Need some new headphones? What about a gift? 
This is one of our favorite gift-giving recommendations. 
It’s not as extravagant as a new laptop, but it’s still something that a lot of people will get great use out of. 
Whether you use them for the gym, for taking calls, or while you’re trying to work, there are so many different styles and varieties of headphones that you’re guaranteed to find a pair that works for your loved one (or for yourself!). 
And hey, it helps that headphones tend to majorly decrease in price on Black Friday. It’s a win-win!
5) Remember to check out your favorite clothing retailers. 
We couldn’t make this list without quickly reminding you to check out all your favorite clothing retailers. 
While clothing might not get quite the same discounts that electronics do, you’ll still find great sales, especially if you’re hunting for something specific.
Keep your eyes open for clothing pieces you love, wait on them, and then scoop them up once the Black Friday sales start rolling around. Your wallet will thank you. 
In fact, your wallet will thank you for having all of these Black Friday sales on your radar. 
Stay informed, and save, save, save! Who’s with us?!