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New Year, New Home

By Leigh Williams
There’s just something about a new year that makes me want to rearrange my furniture or find a way to breathe new life into my space. Anyone else?
Obviously new furniture and new rugs/carpet are exciting, but they aren’t usually the most budget-friendly ways to refresh your space! So I’m here to give you a few more realistic ideas.
To start, I recommend going through your spaces where you “hide” things. Think closets, cabinets, drawers – spaces where you put things to declutter your tables, counters and spaces you see everyday. I recommend going through and getting rid of things you do not need or use, and then get organized! 
I do recommend getting some organizational bins, racks or shelves. Not only will these help clean up your space, but you will find that you are more efficient and less anxious about these spaces as well. Look for solutions to your most cluttered areas – things like desktop organizers, risers for cabinets, mounted calendar boards, cute storage bins, cord organizers, filing cabinets, and over the door organizers can all be super helpful.
If you’re spending more time in your space, I recommend taking a look at your décor. How does it make you feel? Your décor should help amplify the vibe you are wanting your room to give off. Lately I have also been loving candles – specifically ones with cute or unique jars. They can add a ton of personality to your room and obviously make your home smell great, too. I love candles especially for my desk, dining table, living room, bathrooms, and bedroom spaces!
Along with candles, I also love adding unique colors to my home with other décor accents. I typically go for brighter colors especially in the winter months to help add a spark of well-being and joy. Sometimes my candles are brightly colored, but I also look for wall art, flower arrangements (sometimes they are fake!), towels (for both kitchen and bathrooms), bedding and accent rugs. A little color can go a long way!
So what updates will you make to start the year? Freshening up and adding new life to your home can change your mood and attitude so much! Have fun with it and let your personality show through your décor!