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How to Organize Your Life

By Leigh Williams
As school has started back up and the seasons have changed, it’s likely that many of our schedules have changed recently – whether you yourself have headed back to class or someone in your household has!
With changes in schedules comes changes in routines – and (at least for me), changes to my routine can leave me feeling all over the place! And when I’m feeling all over the place, I find it hard to stay productive! 
One way I combat this is to use a planner to get my life back in order. Here’s what I typically do:
Write down my to-dos and appointments for the week. I typically do this on Sundays since my work schedule is Monday through Friday, but adjust according to your schedule if you need to! I write out every single task I know I need to get done that week and then will write the tasks in for the day I am planning to work on it. Breaking up these tasks over the course of the week helps to make them seem less daunting and helps me feel accomplished each day because I am able to focus on the work I was able to get done instead of focusing on the tasks I didn’t get to!
Plan out our meals for the week. Who said your planner was only for business planning?! I know when I eat well, I feel better so planning out our meals ahead of time is key for me. When I write down what we’re going to have, I’ve set a plan and it makes it harder to deviate from my plan when Friday rolls around and I want pizza! I know I had my best interests in mind when I wrote down that healthy crock pot meal at the beginning of the week, and giving into my pizza craving won’t help me reach my goals!
Write down my daily affirmations. I do this part daily. Every morning I write down how I am going to feel that day or how I am going to approach the day. Giving myself this positive encouragement each morning has made a world of difference for my mindset.
Make time for one self-care task each day. This might be a walk, a bath, a face mask, stretching, journaling, whatever makes YOU feel good. The point of this is to schedule it in like a meeting! If you have it scheduled as a meeting with yourself, you won’t miss it! Taking care of yourself first and foremost will then allow you to give to others in your life the best that you can!
I like to think of my planner as my “one stop shop” for my organization. It helps to keep my mind focused knowing that I have everything (from home tasks to business meetings and my workouts) written down in one place. It’s not just a place to organize my work life, but about my entire life which is truly the key to staying organized!