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Home Workout Faves

By Leigh Williams
With the weather getting cooler and cooler, I don’t know about you, but some mornings I just do not want to leave my house to go to the gym! 
If you’re anything like me, then I recommend investing in a few pieces of workout equipment you can store in a room that isn’t used frequently – or maybe you even have a room designed specifically for your workout area! 
Here’s what I’ve found to be useful for my home workouts:
A few sets of dumbbells. Depending on your strength and experience, you might want to get a heavy, medium and light weight set, but I purchased a pair of 5 lb and 15 lb weights and they have been perfect for my at-home workouts. 
Resistance bands. I never knew these were so versatile until I started working out from home! You can do just about anything with these that you can do with a cable machine at the gym. I recommend getting the long, loop style as I’ve found these to be the most versatile. I also really like the smaller loop style bands for leg exercises. 
A kettlebell. You can search “kettlebell workout” on YouTube and find so many workouts! This might be the most versatile piece of equipment I have. 
An elevated surface. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a box, but just make sure your workout space has an elevated surface you can use for exercises like step ups, dips and elevated pushups! 
A mat. Whether you want to do some yoga or just some core exercises, I would suggest having a mat in your workout space.
Optional: a piece of cardio equipment. I know these can be a little pricy, which is why I’ve suggested it as an optional piece. There’s plenty of other cardio-based workouts you can do without equipment, but I find my spin bike to be the most enjoyable and the easiest to get myself to do! 
Do you have a home workout space? What are your favorite pieces of equipment??


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