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Feeling Unproductive?

By Leigh Williams
The change in the seasons can definitely affect your mood. The change in temperature and change in the amount of daylight can make a big difference in your day to day motivation. If you are nodding your head in agreement to these statements right now, here are a few tips to try:
Get outside. 
Sure, it’s definitely getting cooler out and the sun isn’t out as long, but getting some fresh air is vital for energy levels and can increase alertness. Take a morning walk if you can, walk or bike to the office, take a call outside, or take your lunch outdoors to help with energy levels this time of year! 
Turn your phone on do not disturb.
Between social media, phone calls from telemarketers, random texts from friends, emails and more – our phones can be so distracting and detrimental to our productivity levels! Put your phone on do not disturb (or turn it off) for a period of time throughout the day for greater productivity.
Use a planner. 
Your to-do list might seem super daunting when you write down everything you need to accomplish. Break those tasks out by their priority level and spread them out throughout your week if you can. Make a plan to tackle the bigger tasks on your to-do list by breaking them out into smaller, more manageable pieces. 
Take a break. 
Sometimes taking a break can actually make you more productive. If your energy is suffering, sometimes pushing through is really just not the answer. Step away from your desk for 5-10 minutes, take a quick walk around the block, take a proper lunch break (that doesn’t include eating at your desk), or go grab a coffee. 
Feeling exhausted this time of year is very common, so if you’ve been feeling “off”, know that you’re not alone! Try a few of these tips out to get back to feeling your best ASAP!