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Cozy Must-Haves for Winter

By Sara Antonuccio
Everything about winter says “cozy.” Crackling fireplaces, big blankets, and tasty drinks that warm you from the inside out—what’s not to love? Make this winter even cozier with some of these must-have clothes and accessories:
Turtleneck sweaters give that classic, elegant Audrey vibe that adds instant chicness. Since they cover you up to the neck, there’s no need for a scarf; just throw a coat on over the top and you’re ready to face the winter chill! To dress up your look, pull your hair up into a bun and add long earrings. 
Cable Knit Sweater
Practically synonymous with the season itself, cable knit sweaters are woven into intricate and beautiful designs that let you keep your outfit simple but stylish. The knitted material makes them nice and warm, and their popularity means that you can get one in every color under the sun. For a classic look, choose white or grey, but if you’re more adventurous you can get a bolder color like red.
Blanket Scarf
Don’t you wish you could bring your cozy throw blanket with you everywhere during the winter? Well, you can! Blanket scarves are the perfect blend between household decor and accessory, playing double duty depending on the occasion. Running errands? Fold it up and sling it around your neck. Outdoor gathering around the fire with friends? Wrap it snugly around your shoulders. At home and don’t need it? Toss it over the couch like a throw blanket!
Knit Hat
Your torso, shoulders, and neck should be well covered by sweaters and scarves, but what about your head? When Jack Frost is nipping at your ears and icicles start forming in your hair, you’ll wish you had a knit hat! Like cable knit sweaters, knit hats have a happy, wintry look, and these days you can find practically any color or style you want. Give your hair some light, playful waves or fun braids to finish your look!
Fur-lined Gloves
In years past, gloves were essential components of elegant winter wardrobes. The right gloves can pull together your outfit from head to toe, not to mention stop your fingers from freezing into ice cubes. When you’re choosing a pair of gloves, look for ones that have touchscreen-friendly pads on the index fingers so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. 
To make your winter warm, merry, and cozy as can be, don’t skimp on the accessories, and give those cold-weather staples time to shine.